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Our Expertise

Certified Holistic Health Coach,  Life coach and Fitness expert coach.

Degree in Exercise science, and Nutrition.

A Godly and scientifical Approach to Wellness

Who are we


Shalom! welcome to Simply Wholeness; a coaching system based on Godly principles, bridging the Gap between Faith And Health.

I am Hadassah a Daughter of God and the Co. Founder of Simply Wholeness LLC.

Our mission is to guide/coach individuals to complete restoration of the Spirit, Soul, and Body.

this is our God Given Privilege "by His stripes, we are HEALED" 




Functional movement 


Personal Growth 


Space/ Meditation 

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Simply Wholeness 
7 pillars of health 

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

Hadassah Help me adopt healthy habits that helped me lose wieght and keep it off but most importantly, she treats me like family.

Helen. A

"it is a lifestyle not a temporal diet" she says. She opens my understanding to a holistic view of life. though i had a strong spiritual life, my physical health was dying because i didn't place a lot of emphasis on it, now i undertsand that God want me to be completely healthy not just in spirit, but also in body.

Ruth. B

not only did Hasassah taught me how to eat healthy and workout regularly , she helped me when i needed help the most. she was a sister to me at my worst time and i am so grateful to God for knowing her. she is a sweet soul.

Monique Murphy

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What is stopping you from a flourishing Life?

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